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The Campbell residence smartly takes advantage of solar energy through multiple systems that, combined with other efficiency measures, provide for comfort, energy savings, and security for years to come.

Solar Thermal

The 5 collector solar thermal system cleanly and efficiently provides heat energy to the domestic hot water system, the radiant floor heating system, and also a hot tub. To store all this energy for use when it is called for, a 300 gallon storage tank sits in the mechanical area of the basement, where all of these systems integrate through a VersaCor distribution panel.

Solar Electric

The home’s electrical load is met with a 7.02 kW solar electric system. This array sits upon a ground-mount that overlooks the pond, perhaps taking advantage of the light reflected from the water. Interconnecting with Progress Energy’s grid allows for the Campbells to become generation partners with NC GreenPower which offers financial incentives for the renewable energy credits produced by the system. A battery back-up system stays charged so that the house isn’t without power, even when the utility is down.

System Overview

Solar Thermal System

  • 5 AET 4’ x 10’ Solar Thermal Collectors
  • A 300 Gallon Custom Storage Tank Radiant Floor Heating System
  • A 6 Zone VersaCor distribution panel with an expansion tank- Manufactured by Sundance Power
  • Raupex Tubing
  • Pro-Balance Manifolds
  • A Prestige Solo High- Efficiency Propane Boiler
  • A 120 Gallon Domestic Hot Water Tank

Photovoltaic System

    • 7.02 kW Grid-tied System
    • 54 Kyocera 130 Modules
    • 1 SunnyBoy 6000 (240V) Inverter

Backup System:

  • 1 Sunny Island 4200 watt back-up inverter
  • 8 Rolls 6 963 Amp hour batteries
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  • Location

    North Carolina


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