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How a Solar Photovoltaic System Works

Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels use a special material to convert the energy from the sun into  electricity to power your home or business. Solar panels have no moving parts, which makes them extremely reliable. PV systems installed almost 50 years ago are still generating electricity, and improvements in technology have made solar photovoltaics more reliable than ever.

Here’s how a solar electric system works:


It Starts with Light Sensitive Cells

PV systems use a semiconductor material (similar to that used in computer microprocessors and memory chips) that is manufactured into photovoltaic cells.  Each cell is sensitive to light and produces electricity directly in its presence.


Cells Make Up Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Cells are assembled into PV panels. The type of cell used and the total number of cells per panel determine the overall panel’s rated power output. The total amount of energy used to mine, transport, process and manufacture a functional PV panel from its raw materials is recovered in the first two years of its operation, and thus solar photovoltaics are a sustainable energy technology.


Solar Panels Make Up Solar Arrays

Finally, PV panels are configured into an array of one or more panels.  The actual size of your array will be based on your energy needs, objectives, and budget. Typical residential arrays may consist of a dozen or so panels, while commercial, industrial and utility-scale arrays may be comprised of hundreds or even thousands of panels. Arrays may be ground or roof-mounted, and are highly scalable. Additional panels and production capacity may be added at any time.


Your Solar Array is Connected to the Grid or Your Site

Power from the PV array is routed to the ‘balance of system’ components that condition the electricity for connection to your utility, or for use on your site. If your system is ‘off-grid’ or ‘grid-tied with back-up’, additional components including batteries and charge controllers will also be designed into your system. Sundance partners with you through our 5-Step Design Process to ensure that your energy needs, objectives, site conditions and budget are considered.

Learn more about grid-tied and off-grid options.


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