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GNT North America Goes Solar with Sundance!

GNT is a German company and the world leader in producing all-natural plant-based food coloring. They have added their new distribution warehouse in Dallas, North Carolina, just west of Charlotte. This is designed to handle distribution for the East Coast. This facility will eventually house a production area as well.

Natural Colors for the Food & Beverage Industry

The GNT website explains what they do:

“EXBERRY® is the leading brand of Coloring Foods for the food and beverage industry. Coloring Foods are made from fruits, vegetables, and edible plants using a physical manufacturing process processed with water. Founded over 45 years ago on the principle of coloring food with food, EXBERRY® has established itself as the leading brand of natural colors for the food and beverage industry.”

Components of This New Solar System

Sundance Vice President, Brian Hollister, worked on the design of this system. His final design utilized (574) Astronergy Astro 3 Twins Series 410-watt Bi-Facial Modules (aka solar panels), covering a good portion of the GNT facility’s roof. These modules are held down with a PanelClaw FR5 Ballasted Racking System. Two inverters are incorporated:

  • (1) SolarEdge 120kW Synergy Inverter
  • (1) SolarEdge 80kW Synergy Inverter

Sundance Designs & Installs Commercial Solar Systems

Sundance Power Systems has been ’empowering people with solar’ since 1995. Whether a system is designed for a homeowner, small business or larger facility such as GNT North America, Sundance has the expertise to handle the job. We love seeing these big warehouse buildings covered with solar panels. Oftentimes, these rooftops just bake in the sun as unused space. Adding solar is a win-win situation for the business and the planet!


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