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Solar Power for Asheville, North Carolina!

Since the company’s founding in 1995 near Asheville, NC, Sundance Power Systems has set the standard for the solar energy industry in the region. We have used this unparalleled experience to build an impressive portfolio of Asheville solar power projects with many more solar energy systems throughout the Southeast.

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While the roots of Sundance Power Systems are planted in Western North Carolina, our work over the past 27 years extends throughout the Southeast, with renewable energy systems throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. Our headquarters in Weaverville, NC (just north of Asheville NC) provide us with the perfect base for bringing solar power to residential customers within a 2 hour drive of Asheville, NC. (Sundance works with commercial clients beyond a 2 hour drive radius on a case-by-case basis.)

Sundance takes pride in being the first Asheville solar company. In fact, we created the very first net metering relationship between a house and the utility company in the state! There are now many local solar companies providing Asheville solar energy, and we love seeing more homeowners and businesses going solar. We believe that doing quality work with each and every system makes us more than a solar installer. Installing solar panels is just part of the overall solar energy solution. Knowledge of every component, from inverters to solar battery backup systems, is vital for each solar system. Great customer service and follow up on every solar installation we complete leads to a wonderful experience for our customers.


Solar panels from Sundance Power Systems!
Solar panels from Sundance Power Systems!



While installing solar energy systems and providing solar power is the core of our business, we also provide radiant floor heating,  solar hot water, and maintenance and repairs for these systems. Sundance is the regional expert on battery backup power as well, with expertise in installing solar batteries that offer energy independence for our customers. (We have also installed wind and micro hydro power systems but are not currently doing so at this time.)

Reducing your household’s carbon footprint while reducing or eliminating your electric bill with a custom-designed solar energy system or other renewable energy system is at the heart of every Sundance Power installation. We strive to be the best Asheville solar company in business and people clearly agree: in 2016, we were inducted into the Mountain Xpress ‘Best of WNC’ Hall of Fame as ‘Best Alternative Energy Company’ after 4 consecutive years of finishing first in the annual reader’s poll!

Sundance Power Systems is the original Asheville solar company. Our team has years of experience in providing energy solutions, whether it is a solar system with the highest quality solar panels or other renewable energy system. Our business is built on providing excellent service, from the initial installation of your solar system to professional service for the life of your system. If you are considering a solar energy system in Asheville NC, please contact us for a free analysis and estimate!

Each of our Renewable Energy Consultants, or RECs, is trained to be a consultant and not simply a sales rep. We utilize a 5 Step Design Process that provides personal attention to each customer’s unique solar needs. We do quality work in a timely manner and each solar system is designed to optimize your solar power while reducing energy costs. Each installation team is extremely professional, carefully handling each solar panel and other solar components with care during the entire process. As battery backup has grown in popularity, our Asheville solar specialists have been diligent in keeping pace with the fast-growing technology.

Going solar has never been more affordable, and every solar installation that Sundance completes brings more solar savings to yet another home or business in Asheville NC!



For much of our 28 years in the business, most of our work has been in and around Asheville NC, though we have brought solar energy to many other communities throughout the Southeast. As an Asheville solar company, we are proud to have installed thousands of solar panels on hundreds of homes throughout the region. We have also completed solar and wind installations for numerous businesses, schools, nonprofits, churches, and military bases.

Our solar commercial customers include Sierra Nevada Brewing in Asheville NC where our installation teams installed hundreds of solar panels to provide 710kW of rooftop solar on top of their large manufacturing facility in 2014. In addition, Sundance put solar panels on a number of canopies in the parking lot. We were proud to be the Asheville solar company chosen for this incredible solar energy system!


Solar panels at Sierra Nevada Brewing in Mills River, NC. Installed by Sundance Power Systems
Solar panels at Sierra Nevada Brewing in Mills River, NC. Installed by Sundance Power Systems



Solar power is a wise investment—from financial and operational gains, to environmental and competitive benefits. Sundance offers our commercial clients support and confidence in developing and carrying out renewable energy strategies that provide a hedge against escalating energy costs and lower the environmental impact of doing business.




  • Inducted into the Mountain Xpress ‘Best of WNC’ Readers’ Poll HALL of FAME in 2016
  • Contracted for the solar electric systems for Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in Mills River
  • Assisted four faith communities in WNC in bringing solar energy to their congregations
  • Contracted for seven hot water systems for Asheville’s Green Restaurant Initiative
  • Selected as the installation partner for the original Solarize Asheville campaign, with over 50 homeowners going solar
  • Established working relationships with contractors of the Green Built Alliance (formerly WNC Green Building Council), creating models for efficiency with radiant floor heating and solar energy systems in the building community
  • Served on the City of Asheville’s Energy Taskforce
  • Installed solar hot water systems on four firehouses for the City of Asheville
  • Worked with Appalachian State University on three campus energy projects: Frank’s Residence Hall, the traffic circle’s solar electric, and the transfer station, as well as the Wind for Schools initiative
  • Helped businesses such as Deltec Homes, All-States Medical, Target, Charlotte Street Animal Hospital, and Asheville Eye Associates lower their operating costs with on-site solar generation


Solar panels installed by Sundance Power Systems
Solar panels installed by Sundance Power Systems


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Interest in renewable energy has grown significantly over the years, fueled by these expanded financial incentives as well as a growing awareness of the severe consequences global climate change. In response, Sundance continues to expand its capabilities and extend its reach. As an Asheville solar company that works with residential, commercial, non-profit, government and school customers, Sundance Power Systems brings years of experience with renewable energy to the table. We are excited by the future prospects for clean energy and being part of the solution in North Carolina and South Carolina for many more years to come.

Some examples include:


  • Separate divisions within our company for: Residential, Commercial, Municipal and Developer—providing a comprehensive suite of consulting and installation services for each.
  • A complete design and engineering department.
  • The area’s only full-time service and maintenance division.
  • Investment strategy consulting services for public utility and private investor clients.


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Whether your goal is to save money on your electricity bill, reduce your household’s carbon footprint, provide backup power through battery backup or a combination of these, Sundance Power Systems is ready to analyze your solar needs and provide a well-designed quote for you. If you have a home or business in Western North Carolina or Upstate South Carolina, we would be honored to be your solar installer. Sundance knows solar, from solar panels to battery backup, we have the experience and passion to do it right. Contact us today and one of our Renewable Energy Consultants will be in touch to start the conversation and move you closer to energy independence!


Solar panels installed by Sundance
Solar panels installed by Sundance


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Our 5 step design process sets the standard

Our Renewable Energy Consultants are not high-pressure sales people offering poorly constructed solutions and pipe-dream financing options. Our 5 Step Process is based upon listening to our customers and designing systems that empower a clean energy lifestyle.

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