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Radiant floor heating technology, also known as ‘hydronic in-floor’ heating, is an exceptionally energy-efficient, comfortable and healthy way to warm your home or business. Radiant floor heat makes your home or building more energy-efficient by reducing infiltration losses and by only heating the lower half of the room. When assisted by a solar thermal system, the energy savings are even greater!




    • Radiant heating creates up to 30% reduction in operating costs compared to a standard forced air heating system
    • Radiant heat is an efficient distribution system takes advantage of the whole floor to heat a space, as opposed to forced air coming out of a small vent to heat a huge space.
    • Eliminates the need for blowers and vents, providing heat without creating noise or circulating airborne particles (dust, mold, pollen, allergens, etc.)
    • Low maintenance, no ducts to clean or filters to change
    • Efficiently controlled heat on a room-by-room or zone-by-zone basis with the VersaCor
    • Aesthetic value because it is virtually invisible
    • A radiant heat system provides continuous, perfectly uniform warm heating
    • Excellent system for delivering radiant heat from solar thermal systems


VersaCor Distribution System

This is a Sundance Power Systems original design that was introduced in 2002. The VersaCor is the most versatile and most complete hydronic heating distribution and control panel available on the market.

The VersaCor provides a system standard, reducing installation time and reducing inventory.  The VersCor also benefits contractors by simplifying system charging, reducing call backs, and is easier for clients to use and understand. Two standard VersaCor models are available for 3 to 7 zones. These models feature pre-wired zone controls, commercial grade zone valves, taco pumps, an integrated air separator, and an integrated auto-fill and expansion tank on most units.

With these models, additional package options include; a pre-wired boiler control, a variable temperature system, priority zoning, solar-assist design, insulation options, custom enclosures, custom panels for up to 12 zones, and a choice of pumps.


Versacore; hydronic heating distribution and control panel



The basic idea of a radiant heating system is simple. Hot water is run through tubing that is either attached under the floor or embedded in the concrete slab. The hot water running through the tubing warms the floor and radiates heat into the building. By heating the floor, you create a thermal inversion that traps cool air at the ceiling and circulates warm air where you are.

The details of how your radiant floor is built will depend on your specific situation, such as whether you’re working with new construction or an existing building, and what floor materials you’re using. A key element of radiant heat is how evenly it is distributed without the need for forced air or electric floor heating from baseboard systems.


Radiant coils being installed by two Sundance employees


Methods for Installing Radiant Floor Heating

Sundance Power can design and install a radiant floor heating system that is customized for your home or business—designed to increase your comfort and decrease your energy bills. With 25+ years of experience and extensive practical knowledge with a variety of radiant heating systems, we can provide any of the following:



For basements and areas where a concrete slab is being poured, we run tubing for the radiant floor system before the concrete is poured. Tubing is attached to the reinforcing wire mesh or rebar. The concrete is poured so that the tubing is embedded into the concrete slab.


Slab Preparation:


    • It is important to thermally isolate the concrete slab from the ground in order to prevent heat being pulled away from the slab into the ground. For a more energy efficient system, Sundance recommends 2” of foam under the slab and 1/2” around the perimeter of the slab.






    • Used on upper level floors
    • Tubing is attached to the top of the sub floor and a thin slab of lightweight concrete or gypcrete is poured over the tubing
    • The thickening of the slab varies but is usually between 1/2” – 3”


Suspended Slab and Wood Floor Installations:


    • Sleepers – strips of wood are attached to the sub floor in between the rows of tubing which provides a surface to nail the wood flooring to
    • Build a floating floor – requires two layers of 3/8” plywood layered in opposite directions under the wood floor of the sub floor and a thin slab of lightweight concrete or gypcrete is poured over the tubing
    • The thickening of the slab varies but is usually between 1/2” – 3”




    • Tubing run under the sub-floor delivers radiant heat to the floor above using aluminum heat-transfer plates stapled into to the floor above.




    • Manufactured flooring materials used as the sub floor with pre-established grooves for the radiant heating tubing


Maintenance and Repair of Radiant Floor Heating Systems

With 25+ years in the business and extensive practical knowledge of green building, Sundance can provide the best radiant floor heating solution for your home or business. Once we install your radiant heat system, we back it up with the best service department in the region. Homeowners give our service technicians high marks for their expertise and professionalism. We back up our radiant heating systems after they are installed, giving homeowners peace of mind that their radiant heat will provide comfort for years to come!

Our goal at Sundance is to provide our customers with expertly engineered, trouble-free renewable energy systems. If your system ever does require service, either preventative maintenance, or repair, you can expect a timely and effective service call.

If you have a radiant heating system that was installed by another renewable energy provider and wish to have it inspected or serviced by Sundance, please call us and schedule an appointment. We’re happy to help.




Our Service Department is dedicated to ensuring that your renewable energy system is performing optimally, generating the savings it was designed to provide. Our technical team will provide you with an annual service call to maintain your system’s optimal performance with comprehensive diagnostic testing.

Our Performance Maintenance Agreement is a proactive approach to optimal system performance!

Ensure your system is performing efficiently and generating the savings it was designed to provide with comprehensive diagnostic testing by a Sundance Service Technician.

Our Performance Maintenance Agreement is $170 per year (plus tax- varies due to location) and includes annual maintenance inspection and 15% of all repairs and service within 12 months of purchase. The cost includes drive time up to one hour and one hour of on-site performance analysis. If it is not our installation, we need to do an initial inspection of system at normal service rates. All additional parts and labor will receive a 15% discount off of our normal rate.


For a radiant floor heating system, the PMA focuses on the boiler:


    • Igniter and thermostats
    • Flame proving rod
    • Inspect for leaks and proper flow
    • Condensate drain line
    • Combustion efficiency test
    • Pressure relief valve
    • System pressure and pump operation
    • Log controller set points and readings
    • Boiler heating regular service
    • Clean outside of heat exchanger and burner
    • De-scale deposits in heat exchanger plumbing


Check Out What Our Customers Say About Our Stellar Service Team!

“Many thanks to the Sundance team for stellar boiler repair service. In recent weeks, Michelle came out to our home on two separate occasions for emergency repair. Not only did Michelle walk us through all details of the necessary work, but she also made smart recommendations that saved us time and money. We appreciated the excellent communication from the office, great repair work, and all around good people. We’re very glad to be repeat Sundance customers!”

Meredith Doster

I wished I could give them an A+. They went above and beyond to check the plumbing leak and doing a water heater flush. The service manager, Steve is very helpful”.

Dahvid Weiss

“Prompt response to our solar heating system trouble. Thorough explanation of the problem. Greatly appreciated.”

Mike Borum


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