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Solar Power Financing Options


There are many ways to make solar energy affordable for you—so you can start using clean, renewable power and benefit from significant long-term energy savings. The cost of solar technology has dropped dramatically in recent years, putting it within reach for many home and business owners, especially with the help of tax incentives and the right financing plan.


As solar has become competitive in the energy market, the financial options for installing solar energy systems on homes, businesses, and nonprofit organizations have expanded significantly. There are several models that make solar energy affordable, including direct purchase, loans, and solar leasing.

At Sundance, we help our customers identify the right financial strategy for them. If you’re interested in solar, we can help you find the option that will provide the greatest benefit and economic return, based on your financial resources and long-term goals.

Direct Purchase
When possible, direct ownership offers the most favorable investment opportunity. Tax credits and other incentives may help to put direct purchase within reach.

Credit Human federal credit union logo

Chartered in 1935, Credit Human is a $2.9 billion federal credit union serving over 235,000 members across the United States. Headquartered in San Antonio, Credit Human is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative. Being member-owned means everything they do is in the best interest of their members, not shareholders.

As a participating dealer for Credit Human, Sundance Power Systems now offers:

SustainableHome™ Financing

  • Credit Human offers SustainableHome™ financing through participating dealers (such as Sundance Power Systems) for Solar Energy projects
  • Get easy financing options with great rates and flexible terms to help your budget
  • Any paperwork is easily taken care of through Sundance Power Systems — you don’t have to visit Credit Human to take advantage of financing options


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Clean Energy Credit Union Loans
Sundance partners with the Clean Energy Credit Union to offer financing options for our customers. Clean Energy Credit Union was started by a group of people who are passionate about promoting clean energy in order to protect our environment and improve our economy. Their cooperative credit union model makes it possible to offer loans with competitive rates on customized loans specifically tailored to clean energy products and services. Your Sundance Renewable Energy Consultant (REC) can initiate your loan application and assist with the application process.

For more information on the Clean Energy Credit Union, visit their website: https://www.cleanenergycu.org/home/home


Sundance Power Systems has been helping people go solar for nearly 30 years. Our Renewable Energy Consultants are well-versed in assisting you in your solar journey! Whether you go with direct payments or utilize financing options, going solar has never been more cost effective. With utility companies dramatically raising prices for electricity every year, robust tax credits and lower prices on components, it truly is a fantastic time to Go Solar with Sundance!

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Our Renewable Energy Consultants are not high-pressure sales people offering poorly constructed solutions and pipe-dream financing options. Our 5 Step Process is based upon listening to our customers and designing systems that empower a clean energy lifestyle.

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