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Solar panels are a component of a photovoltaic system that use a special material to convert the energy in sunlight into electricity. With a custom-designed solar electric system for your home or business, you can harness the power of the sun to generate your electricity—a smart and sustainable investment.


We’re blessed with strong sunshine throughout the year in Sundance’s primary service area—Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina. This makes solar electricity an excellent renewable energy choice for industry, businesses, municipalities, school systems, developers and homeowners.

Depending on your energy goals, Sundance can provide a solar electric system that is either connected to the electric grid or completely off-grid. A grid-tied system will reduce or offset your energy bills. You also have the option of installing a battery as backup in case of a power failure on the grid. An off-grid system offers you complete independence from your utility company.

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Renewable energy is the best investment under the sun! Here are some of the major advantages of powering your home or business with solar energy:

  • A solar electric system protects you against escalating energy costs. You make an up-front fixed-cost investment instead of paying ever-rising prices.
  • Solar panels save money. Over time, your energy savings will pay back your investment. For years after, you continue to get your electricity from the sun, for free!
  • Solar panels are more sustainable than fossil fuels Generating clean energy from the sun can have a significant positive impact on the environment.
  • Solar panels can increase your self-reliance, reducing or ending your dependence on the electric grid.
  • Solar panels are highly reliable. They operate without moving parts and without noise, steadily producing electricity for decades.
  • Solar panels are low-maintenance. They use the same technology that powers satellites in space.
  • Solar panels communicate your concern for the environment, encouraging your neighbors to make a similar commitment to future generations.
  • For homeowners, solar panels significantly increase the resale value of your house.
  • For business owners, using clean, renewable power can help you win loyal customers.
  • For developers, solar electric systems (whether house-based or community-scale) tap into the growing market demand for green construction.

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Over time, solar panels pay for themselves by reducing your energy bills. Particularly with incentives, solar is one of the best investments you can make.

There are a number of financing options and tax incentives to help make your renewable energy system affordable and overcome upfront costs. Fortunately, the cost of solar technology has dropped dramatically over the last twenty years, making it far more accessible for homeowners and business owners. Federal tax credits can reduce the cost of both commercial and residential solar electric systems by 26%. In addition, there may be state and utility incentives available. For the remaining costs, Sundance can offer 100% financing through our partners, for both residential and commercial solar systems. This allows you to start harnessing the power of the sun for little or no money out-of-pocket.

You can also plan to recoup your costs through the increased resale value of your home or buildings.  For business owners, there is also the value of boosting your public image with clean, renewable energy.

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