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Five-Step Design Process

Project Management Steps

Site Visit

Our design process begins with an assessment of your renewable energy potential. We’ll review the orientation of your home to the sun and take measurements for designing an optimal system for your needs. The site visit also allows us to provide an in-depth overview of renewable energy, how it might best integrate into your existing energy system, and what financial incentive programs might be available to you.

Load Analysis

Load Analysis

Once we determine how much energy your household uses for various applications, as well as any daily and seasonal variations in consumption, we’ll be able to identify which technologies, and what size system, will best serve your household’s needs.

Solar Power Installation & Estimate

Preliminary Design & Estimate

Based on the site visit and load analysis, Sundance will provide a variety of initial design options which include:

  • Analysis of renewable energy available on your site
  • Conceptual drawing
  • Estimated costs
  • Estimated timelines associated with the project
Sundance Power

Design Review

After delivering the initial designs, we’ll schedule a time to review your system options. Together, we will look at the overall system concept, along with performance and financial models, including:

  • Applicable state and/or federal incentives
  • Projected energy production
  • Electricity revenues
  • Out-of-pocket cost, cash flow, and ROI analysis

Our design review serves to deliver a high level of education regarding your renewable energy system and the financial considerations of the project.

Step 5 Final Design and Proposal

Final Design Detail & Proposal

Using the results of our collaborative design review, we will fine-tune your system design and associated estimate to produce a detailed proposal. Your proposal will include:

  • System design drawing
  • Estimate of cost
  • Financial and performance reviews
  • Copies of Sundance policies associated with the project

Project Finance

Our Project Finance Department offers options for customers seeking financial support for their projects. Sundance Power tailors the project finance options to best serve the goals of each client. We offer simple financing solutions that emphasize ownership and empowerment through the use of renewable energy technologies.

Contract Signing

For most residential projects, this is a very simple process of tying up the details of the design and estimate, and then signing an Agreement to Partner. Our payment plan is outlined by your REC and the initial deposit is made.

Installation, Inspection & Commissioning

Once the job has been transferred to our Installation Department, the Field Coordinator will assign a Project Manager who will serve as the primary contact for all job-related issues. Sundance is committed to a smooth, timely and quality installation, and we emphasize direct, open and regular communication with our clients. Our field staff will work to ensure that the installed system meets all safety codes and specifications for workmanship. Once completed, the system will be tested, and Sundance will arrange for any municipal and/or utility inspections.

Following a successful inspection, Sundance will commission the system and perform a customer review of operation and maintenance procedures. You’ll receive a resource guide containing all documentation associated with the system, and information on the Performance and Maintenance Program (PMP) offered by our Service Department. Sundance will also file all paperwork necessary for utility interconnection and component warranties.

Project Review

Our goal is to provide the highest quality service possible. We ask for your feedback to help us continually refine our process. The very last stage in Project Development with Sundance is to fill out a customer review form. We encourage you to read the reviews and recommendations we have received from our customers. You will find them on Google and on our website.

Why Partner with Sundance Power Systems?

Our 5 step design process sets the standard

Our Renewable Energy Consultants are not high-pressure sales people offering poorly constructed solutions and pipe-dream financing options. Our 5 Step Process is based upon listening to our customers and designing systems that empower a clean energy lifestyle.

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