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 *Sundance is not currently installing Micro-Hydro, Wind or Solar Hot Water systems. *

Solar Thermal for Hot Water and Space Heating

Solar thermal systems use thermal collectors to convert the energy in sunlight into heat for hot water and space heating. Sundance’s service area receives abundant sunshine throughout the year, which makes solar thermal an excellent renewable energy choice for:

  • Residential hot water
  • Space heating and radiant floor heating
  • Commercial and municipal hot water
  • Industrial process hot water
  • Developers of sustainable community projects and homes
  • Hot tubs and swimming pools

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Solar thermal technology is the oldest and most commonly used renewable resource worldwide


Low Cost:

Solar hot water can be the least expensive renewable energy technology for homes or businesses with high hot water demand. With a system life expectancy of over 30 years, a solar thermal system pays for itself many times over in energy savings. Learn about financing and incentives for renewable energy.

Energy Savings:

A solar water heater can provide a large percentage – up to 80% or more – of a household’s yearly hot water demand depending upon local climate conditions and the size of the system.


A typical solar water heating system in a home will, over its lifetime, displace up to 71.5 tons of CO2 if replacing an electric system, and up to 10.5 tons of CO2 if replacing a natural gas system.  Larger commercial and industrial installations will displace significantly greater quantities of greenhouse gases.


Solar thermal technology is the oldest and most commonly used renewable resource worldwide. A solar hot water system can run for 30 years or more. Solar collectors typically carry a 10-year warranty.

Many Uses:

Solar water heating systems are versatile. They can be integrated with domestic hot water systems. They can also be used for space heating (including radiant floor heating and forced air systems). They can also heat hot tubs and swimming pools.


A solar thermal system works by capturing heat from the sun and using to it to heat water, floors, or interior spaces. This diagram shows how a solar water heater works. First, thermal collectors trap heat from the sun and conduct it to a water-based solution in copper tubing. This heated fluid is pumped to  a solar storage tank, where it heats the water in the tank through a heat exchanger.

Learn more about how a solar thermal system works.


A well-designed solar thermal system will provide years of reliable service, will save substantial energy costs from electricity, natural gas or propane, and will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. Sundance uses our own 5-Step Design Process to ensure your satisfaction over the lifetime of your solar thermal system.

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Our 5 step design process sets the standard

Our Renewable Energy Consultants are not high-pressure sales people offering poorly constructed solutions and pipe-dream financing options. Our 5 Step Process is based upon listening to our customers and designing systems that empower a clean energy lifestyle.

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