Our Story

We would like to express gratitude for our clients, many of whom have become valued friends, for their continued support and inspiration.

We have worked with homeowners, business owners, and political leaders alike. Thank you.  Our success is your success.

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Our Story

After years of environmental activist work, Dave & Sierra Hollister imagined a company that could manifest and support their shared vision of a viable, environmentally sustainable future, a company that upheld their belief in self-reliant lifestyles and energy-conscious municipalities. Out of this, Sundance was born. From its humble beginnings in the laundry room of their solar mountain home, Sundance has grown to become one of the largest renewable energy firms in the Southeast. Today, with our main operations located just outside Asheville, NC, Sundance is a full-service organization with a service area that covers five states.


The Early Years

Long before fossil fuel depletion and global warming were mainstream news, Sundance began designing and installing renewable energy systems. During the early years, we acquired invaluable first-hand knowledge of renewable energy technology by providing repair and replacement services for the many systems that were installed in the 1970s.  The vast knowledge acquired through this experience remains a key influence in the exceptional designs that we offer today.

A few notable milestones…

  • In 1998 we moved out of the laundry room and into a tobacco barn we converted into our office and shop. This move enabled Sundance to build the administrative underpinnings of our operation. The tobacco barn would serve as our headquarters for the next ten years, until January of 2008, when we relocated our operations to an  office in Weaverville,  just outside of Asheville, NC.
  • The VersaCor a standardized system for hydronic heating, was introduced in 2002. It was the first product to be manufactured and distributed by Sundance Power Systems, Inc.
  • A 10kW solar electric system was installed on our office building in December of 2010. As a NC GreenPower generator and purchaser, we were proud to become a carbon-neutral office.
  • We expanded our operational capacity with the construction of a 4,100 square foot shop and supply building in 2014.
  • In December 2015, a 12 kW system was installed on the shop and supply building, and both systems were net-metered with Duke Energy.
  • In September 2017, we began collaborating with Thermacraft Solar Solutions to expand our radiant floor heating and solar hot water installation capacity.

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SD Shop & Supply


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The Industry

Sundance has been instrumental in shaping the renewable energy industry. Over the years, we have played an integral role in the evolution of the industry, working to expand the reach of renewable energy in the Southeast.


Sundance Today

Today, the utility grid in North Carolina offers a variety of interconnection and incentive options, including the financial incentives offered by North Carolina Green Power. Interest in renewable energy has grown significantly over the years, fueled by these expanded financial incentives as well as a growing awareness of the severe consequences of peak oil and Global Climate change. In response, Sundance continues to expand its capabilities and extend its reach.

Some examples include:

  • Separate divisions within our company for: Residential, Commercial, Municipal and Developer—providing a comprehensive suite of consulting and installation services for each.
  • A complete design and engineering department.
  • Four full-time installation teams and growing.
  • The area’s only full-time service and maintenance division.
  • Investment strategy consulting services for public utility and private investor clients.