Integrating solar energy technologies into your business operations makes sense from every angle. With significant incentives, solar is a solid investment with a return that will also put you at the forefront of sustainability. Our Commercial team is ready to assist you in determining how solar can work for your business.

We are proud to have been voted WNC’s #1 Renewable Energy Company for the 3rd year running! Our gratitude for this honor goes to our team of extremely dedicated employees, and our customers and friends in the community that support Clean Energy. Thank You!

As every home is unique, every homeowner has specific interests. Our thorough design process ensures that we develop a clean energy system that truly reflects the needs and desires of our clients and serves them well into the future. Become empowered with solar energy and start saving today!

Certifications & Design

Fully Licenced:

  • General Contractor 67075
  • Electrical Contractor 14397
  • Plumbing Contractor 21584
  • Mechanical Contractor 21584

Other Certifications:

  • NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer
  • NABCEP Certified Solar Heating Installer
  • NABCEP Certified PV Technical Sales
  • Living Wage Certified Employer
  • HUB Certified Woman Owned Business
Why Choose Sundance

Value Centered Organization

Commitment to Community

Guided by a strong set of values in our operations and relationships, keeping our integrity unites our Team in our decisions and actions. We value sustainability, and so operate a carbon-neutral office. We value trust and respect, and so extend the highest quality service to our clients. In addition, the vendors we partner with also share a triple bottom line business strategy and support the development of regional economies.

We regularly conduct energy education outreach programs at schools and at a wide variety of public events; from Conservation Field Days to the Lake Eden Arts Festival, we’re out there to bring energy to light!

Financial Incentives

Solar is a Secure Investment, with a Guaranteed Return, Hands Down.

Now, with all the Tax Credits and Financial Incentives available, it is more affordable than ever!
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