Where We Work

Powering the Southeast with Solar Energy

While the roots of Sundance Power Systems are planted in Western North Carolina, our work over the past twenty years extends throughout the Southeast, with renewable energy systems throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. Our headquarters in Weaverville, NC (just north of Asheville) and satellite offices in areas of high volume provide convenient locations for serving the Southeast.

Throughout our region, we provide solar electric systems, solar hot water, solar assisted radiant floor heating, and maintenance and repairs for these systems. We also provide wind and micro hydro power systems.

Our Work in North Carolina

For much of our 20+ years in the business, most of our work has been in North Carolina, where strong policies helped develop the state into a leader in solar energy. We are proud to have installed renewable energy systems in hundreds of homes throughout North Carolina. We have also completed solar and wind installations for numerous businesses, schools, nonprofits, churches, and military bases.

Our clients in North Carolina include:

  • Appalachian State University
  • City of Raleigh
  • Sierra Nevada Brewing
  • Deltec Homes.
  • Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Learn more about our work in North Carolina.

Our Work in South Carolina

With legislation supporting solar energy recently adopted, South Carolina is positioned to embrace solar energy on a significant scale, bringing economic and environmental benefits to home and business owners, as well as educational institutions and nonprofits. Sundance serves residential and commercial customers throughout South Carolina. Our notable commercial projects in South Carolina include a rooftop solar electric system that we designed and installed for the Fluor-Daniel Engineering Innovation Building at Clemson University, and a veterinary hospital in Columbia.

Learn more about our work in South Carolina.

Our Work in Georgia

Georgia is adopting policies and incentives for solar energy, and interest is expected to grow. With its sunny climate, the potential for solar energy generation is significant. Much of Georgia is well within our service area and we look forward to serving that part of our region more.

Our Work in Tennessee

Eastern Tennessee is less than a half hour from our headquarters in Weaverville, NC, and we’ve brought renewable energy and radiant floor heating systems to several homes in that region. The Tennessee Valley Authority has had programs to support solar adoption, and our consultants will guide you toward any benefits that may be available to you.