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System cost depends on a number of factors. Like a new home or automobile, prices can vary widely and depend on your own needs and objectives.

Costs are influenced first by the availability of renewable energy sources – the intensity and unobstructed path of sunlight, the intensity and frequency of wind, or the volume and pressure of flowing water available on your site – each determines the upper limit of the energy that is available for a system to capture. Other influences include how much of that energy you wish to capture, your own power consumption needs, and your overall objectives. Sundance works with each of its clients to ensure a design that produces the most renewable energy at the lowest possible cost. For additional information on how much a renewable energy system might cost for your home, contact Sundance Power to begin the conversation!

If you are considering the purchase of a new house, check with your bank or mortgage company. The cost of adding a renewable energy system may be rolled into your mortgage. While the energy your renewable energy system produces becomes more valuable every day, you will be paying for it over time with cheaper dollars whose value will be eroded by inflation.

A home improvement loan or home equity line-of-credit may also work in your favor. Many financial institutions are considering, or already have in place, loan programs for renewable energy that may have more favorable interest rates. Check with your bank or search online for availability.

Sundance Power Systems offers financing options as well – check out the options here.

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Our Renewable Energy Consultants are not high-pressure sales people offering poorly constructed solutions and pipe-dream financing options. Our 5 Step Process is based upon listening to our customers and designing systems that empower a clean energy lifestyle.

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