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Earlier this Spring, the entire Sundance Power Systems staff gathered for our bi-monthly All-Staff Meeting. We make space for this important time together for team-building and strengthening our capacity, always with an eye towards serving our customers with the highest standards possible.

Under the direction of Matt Dufon, our Field Operations Manager, we engaged in a dynamic exercise that made our process flow very visible, as well as tangible.  As can be seen in the photo above, we traced the flow of communications and procedures that need to be followed for a successful installation, from contract signing to system commissioning, by passing neon string between team members responsible for each step.  Quite a complex web was woven through this exercise, and we all gleaned quite a bit of insight from it.

It does take a lot to coordinate a smooth and efficient installation, but we continually strive do a better job at it by identifying areas for improvement, as well as positioning for opportunities.  This requires communication and commitment, internally within our operations and with our customers.  It works because we have a top-notch team as well as top-notch customers.  Thank you for the opportunity to do this work!

Team building at Sundance
Sundance Power Systems All-staff meeting

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