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Solar electric system fulfills lifelong dream! This 5.8 kW grid-tied solar electric system is a long-time dream of environmental activist Sherry Vaughan. Here’s Sherry’s inspiring story as she tells it:

“I have owned my home in Swannanoa for three years. High on my bucket list for home ownership has always been powering my home with the energy of the sun. 2 years ago I got an estimate from Sundance Power Systems to install roof top solar on my home. It was $2000 more in cost then than the estimate I got this year. Also, this year Duke Energy is offering a rebate for installing solar. Time to do it! In addition, I chose to move quickly before the impact of tariffs raised the cost of panels.

Sundance installed a 5.8 kW solar electric system with 20 solar panels (REC Solar 290W). My annual power usage is about 9000 kWh. My solar system will power 7479 kWh of that. I couldn’t be happier with my installation experience with Sundance Power Systems! My process was very smooth and on schedule. I was surprised how many people are involved in this process; from developing my proposal to permitting to project management to the solar panel installers to Duke installing a new meter box – my process seemed without challenge. My installers were so sweet and said some roofs have multiple pitches, causing installation challenges. My install was straight forward and quick, happening in 3 days. Some people prefer not to have their panels visible from the street. I would have welcomed showing off my panels from the street, but panel location is all about maximum sun exposure.

I am a proud environmental activist. Powering my home with solar meets my need to “walk my talk”. (Sherry’s system will offset approximately 5.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually. That’s the equivalent of carbon sequestered by 6.6 acres of forest!)  I’ve been a Green Granny who sings for the climate. I am a member of 2 environmental groups: 350.org, which we organized to march in Washington against the Keystone XL pipeline and Western North Carolina Renewables Coalition, or WNCRC.  Currently we are working with Buncombe County and the City of Asheville writing a resolution to become 100% fossil free by 2050.  I am also an avid veggie and flower gardener with beautiful sun flowers. My home displays many sun medallions that reflect my love and appreciation of the sun.

Together with Sundance Power Systems I celebrated my joy of becoming a solar powered home with a Solarbration near the Summer Solstice! My family, friends and neighbors enjoyed a lovely summer afternoon together with a Sundance tent and Erika and other Sundancers on hand to answer questions. I haven’t received any bills yet from Duke to measure cost savings, but my experience with Sundance has been delightful.”

Sherry’s delight is ours as well, as it is incredibly gratifying to see her become empowered with solar after all this time. We first met this amazing woman at least 5 years ago, when she would come out to Downtown After 5 and dance to solar-powered music, and share her enthusiasm for Sol’s energy as a solution to so many of our environmental and social challenges.  Her passion is strong, and at least one of her friends that attended her Solarbration has been inspired to go solar as well. This is how we are becoming a clean energy community!

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