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Going “off-grid” for the Prossers enables a comfortable and independent lifestyle on beautiful Bear Lake, far from utilities. Essentially, the home has been designed to be as independent as possible, and extensive systems have been incorporated to provide for the two most critical resources, water and energy.

The energy systems are integrated to provide as much power as possible from on-site solar energy generation. The home was built with careful attention to efficiency through insulation, envelope, windows, lighting, and appliances to reduce energy demand.

Solar Thermal
The solar thermal system consists of four 4 X 10 flat plate collectors that are mounted in a saw-tooth orientation towards the south for optimum performance. The heat collected by this system is used for the home’s hot water and to support the radiant floor heating system, as well as an air handler. For back-up during extreme weather , a high efficiency propane boiler was installed.

System Overview

Solar Thermal System:

  • 4 AET 4’ x 10’ Solar Hot Water
  • 120 Gallon Vaughn Dual Coil Tank

Radiant Floor Heating System:

  • 6 Zone VersaCor Distribution Panel
  • High Efficiency Prestige Boiler by Triangle Tube

Photovoltaic System: 5.4 kW Off-Grid System

  • 40 135 Kyocera Modules
  • 2 Top of Pole Mounts by DP&W
  • 2 Deka 850 Amp hour batteries
  • Outback Inverters
  • Residential



  • Location

    North Carolina


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