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This six collector solar thermal system was designed to supply up to 20% of the hot water for use in the restaurant and can be expanded easily in the future. As hot water is used continuously throughout the day, only one storage tank was called for.

Solar Hot Water

According to Gerry Mchone and Carl McCloy, co-owners of the popular franchise, the decision to install the solar thermal system was easy as they could see nothing but benefit to the business, and felt that it would greatly add to the sustainability of their operations over the long haul.

A cost-benefit analysis shows a fairly quick payback through fuel savings, but it is the immeasurable “fringe-benefits” that this system offers that will make a difference into the future.

System Overview

  • 6 4X10 AET Flat Plate Collectors
  • 1 Vaughn Solar Sepco 120 gallon storage tank
  • Commercial



  • Location

    North Carolina


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