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This 38 kW photovoltaic system in Easley, SC is staged for battery back-up through a Pika Energy Islanding Inverter. 138 Hanwha Q-Cell 275 watt modules are tilted degrees on IronRidge racking.

It’s not surprising that Hanvey Engineering & Design has invested in a photovoltaic array to generate power for its facilities in Easley, SC. After all, the family business has built its operations by advancing technology in its own operations going back to 1995. Their suite of products all embody a type of innovation they call the “Hanvey Edge,” but the Hanvey Grooming Van epitomizes it fully.

A passion to provide the pet grooming industry with “innovative, time saving, and stress reducing products that would revolutionize the groomer’s workday” drove Curtis Hanvey Jr. (son of a groomer himself)  to develop helpful products for pet care. As a mobile unit, the Hanvey Grooming Van enables these products to be brought to customers for a full-service experience. However, on the leading edge of mobile business van electrical power technology, the sophisticated inverter technology used in the Hanvey Grooming Vans is what led to their interest in solar power, tells Chris Hanvey, one of two sons that joined the business in 2010.

A 37.95 grid-tied solar electric system is the result of that interest in advancing technology.  However, true to the nature of the “Hanvey Edge” the system was designed with the capacity to integrate with battery storage to run the office for back-up power in the future.  An 11.4 kW Pika Energy Islanding Inverter was specified for that part of the system, while SolarEdge Inverters with DC Optimization handle the power that is fed to the Blue Ridge Electric Coop through a net-metering agreement.  138 Hanwha  Q-Cell Q.Plus 275 watt modules were chosen for the system, and are mounted at a 10 degree tilt on the facility’s flat roof on racking by IronRidge.  The system’s projected energy generation is 51,700 kWH per year, based on the NREL PVWatts calculator, calculated to offset approximately 67% of the facility’s annual usage according historic energy data.

Certainly a strong track record of being forerunners in technology and design was behind the decision to go solar for this progressive SC company, but the economics also served their business prowess. However, as is seen in their YouTube time-lapse video of the solar installation, they are proud to be “greener” and encourage others to join them!

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