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A six collector solar hot water system on the roof of the Aloft Asheville Hotel provides preheating for much of the hot water used in this Hotel.

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Commercial Spotlight: Aloft Hotel Asheville Downtown

Asheville is proving itself as a mecca for Green. The region’s beautiful mountains and unique culture have drawn people here for decades, but today’s visitors to our fair city come seeking a holistic experience that is reflective of, and in keeping with, our rich and diverse environment. Asheville has been leading sustainability initiatives on several fronts, and  was recently recognized as the Nation’s Greenest Dining Destination,  and the hospitality industry is right in step.  The latest hotel to come to town, the Aloft Hotel Asheville Downtown, embraced Asheville’s environmental consciousness and took their green initiatives one step further with the installation of a solar thermal system. 

The McKibbon Hotel Group has a solid company wide commitment to sustainability practices that encompass energy reduction, water conservation, air quality, and recycling, and many of their hotels participate in Green Lodge certification. With each new project, company chairman John McKibbon and the Group’s development team look for ways to construct the hotel that are unique, comfortable for guests, and minimize the impact on the environment. For the new Aloft Asheville, reducing gas consumption through a solar hot water preheat system was just one of the Green Initiatives they adopted for the project.

The six collector hot water system is barely visible on the roof of the Aloft, but its impacts on displacing fuel and generating clean energy for preheating the Hotel’s hot water is significant. We were pleased to be subcontracted by Kellogg and Kimsey for the installation of this system, which our Design Team consulted on, along with Essential Systems Engineering and Innovative Structural Engineering.  SolarHOTSolstice collectors, manufactured in NC, were chosen for the system, and are pumped to two 80 gallon Vaughn direct exchange tanks.

While it is challenging to quantify the economic savings from this system (solar thermal monitoring is not standard, and the hotel has only been operating for six months) its value in modeling sustainability practices is important to the owners. Starwood Hotels, the franchisor of the Aloft Hotel, is committed to reducing energy consumption by 30%, and water consumption by 20% by 2020, and the decision to include solar technology reflects their efforts to support a healthy environment. While they acknowledge that they, like the global community they serve, are only in the early stages of developing and implementing the many changes that will be necessary to achieve these vital goals, their efforts in creating the path to a greener world are noteworthy. Welcome to Asheville, Aloft.

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