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“This rooftop installer has been instrumental in maintaining solar incentives in North Carolina.”

Kelsey Misbrener, managing editor of Solar Power World and host of the Contractor’s Corner podcast, interviewed Dave Hollister, Sundance Power System’s President and CEO, in the June 26, 2023 edition. This leading online and print resource for solar news and information has a broad readership and we are thrilled that they chose Dave and Sundance to be the subject of the Contractor’s Corner feature.

Logo for Solar Power World, an online and print resource for the solar industry
Solar Power World, a leading resource for solar industry news

Here is the introduction to the podcast:

“Dave Hollister started Sundance Power Systems in Weaverville, North Carolina, back in the ’90s, driven by his passion for environmental activism. As a PV pioneer, Hollister learned how to work with regulators and other stakeholders early on to push for solar-friendly policies and incentives.

In this episode of the Contractor’s Corner podcast, Hollister talks about how Sundance has succeeded as a legacy solar company in the Southeast. An edited portion of the interview is below, but be sure to listen to the full podcast for more insight on how Sundance worked with Duke Energy to negotiate fair terms during the latest North Carolina net-metering debate.”

President & CEO
Dave Hollister, Sundance Power System’s President & CEO

(Click Here for Full Podcast)

Here is another excerpt from the podcast:

“What has been the key to your longevity?”

“I think it’s been tenacity. Where I started in solar came from being involved in environmental activism for many years. And it even stretched back before that, where I just realized pretty much all life forms on the planet use the sun as their source of energy. The whole ecosystem and all this incredible complexity of life on this planet has been driven by the sun. So that was just a cornerstone of why I felt like I wanted to start the company back then.

It’s been really a love of my life, quite frankly. I’m here to do what I do, and it’s going to take a lot to get me off of that. It has been hard; it’s not been easy. I think my activism helped me, because I knew what it took to go after the ozone holes and companies dumping toxins into the rivers, and I know what it takes to move the needle of society and the corporate world. I really felt like this was the way I could pursue that ethos within myself, while doing something that was proactive and positive and creating a new future for ourselves.”

The full interview just under 37 minutes in length and covers a lifetime of dedicated service to renewable energy, particularly solar power. Dave has truly been a trailblazer in this field and the interview digs deeply into that history. More than a look back at the roots of the solar industry, the podcast covers technological updates and policy changes that continue to shape this critical part of the battle against climate change. We hope that you take a few minutes to stream the podcast!

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Sundance Power Systems, the Local Solar Trailblazer in WNC!


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