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Sundance’s mission and our success as a company is built on the value of shared prosperity and empowering people, businesses and our community with the positive impacts of renewable energy. We are grateful for the strong network of relationships that we’ve established through our many community engagement initiatives.

As a company, the best way we can help reduce the cost of solar is to lower the cost of acquiring new customers. Our referral program has been designed to reduce the cost of solar for the ever-growing Sundance community by helping to bring down the cost of marketing. In turn, we pass these savings back to you!

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Sundance - How to Refer Us

The Sundance Power app is available for free at the Apple Store or Google Play. Once someone downloads the app, they become a Sundance ‘advocate’, and are set up to send referrals and earn rewards. There are two pathways for referrals in the app: Sundance Referrals or the Community Benefits Program.

A Sundance Referral is any homeowner, business owner, or community connection who is not already a Sundance customer. Our advocates earn $10 once one of our Renewable Energy Consultants (RECs) delivers a proposal to the referred customer. If the referral goes solar (or other renewable energy system) with Sundance, the advocate earns an additional $90 for a total of $100 in rewards. The reward can be claimed as cash, or the advocate can choose from hundreds of gift cards- they can even donate to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. Advocates earn an additional $100 after their 4th successful referral.

A Community Benefits Program referral is one that comes from an advocate who is also a Sundance customer. With this program, the advocate earns $200 if the referral goes solar (or other renewable energy system), plus the new customer gets a $200 discount on their system!

The <strong>Neighborhood Solar Campaign </strong>is designed to reduce the cost of going solar for your community. Designed specifically for homeowners and neighborhood associations, your community organization gets $200 cash (or in gift cards) for every installation in that neighborhood. Your neighbors get $200 off the cost of their installations, too. In addition, for every 5 neighbors who go solar, we will give your community organization an extra $500. It’s a win-win-win. A win for you, your neighbors, and the environment!

The Community Partners Program is designed specifically for churches, non-profits, and community organizations. Your community organization gets $200 cash for every installation. Your community members get $200 off the cost of their installations. For every 5 community members who go solar, we will give your organization an additional $500!

Sundance solar referrals
How to Refer
How to Refer
Sundance solar referrals

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Our 5 step design process sets the standard

Our Renewable Energy Consultants are not high-pressure sales people offering poorly constructed solutions and pipe-dream financing options. Our 5 Step Process is based upon listening to our customers and designing systems that empower a clean energy lifestyle.

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