Our Services

We’ve been empowering people with renewable energy for over twenty years! Sundance brings broad-ranging expertise, extensive practical knowledge, and a network of highly qualified partners to your project. We design, install, and maintain renewable energy systems of all sizes, including solar, wind, and micro hydro power. We can help you find the renewable energy solution that’s right for your goals, your site, and your budget. We offer all of the following:

Renewable Energy for Your Home

We’ve provided renewable energy for hundreds of homes! Our residential projects have included solar electricity, solar hot water, radiant floor heating, solar space heating, wind turbines, and micro hydro systems. Renewable energy increases your self-reliance, whether your home is off-grid or grid-tied.

Commercial and Large-Scale Projects

We work with businesses, factories, schools, colleges, universities, nonprofits, churches, government agencies, and the military to generate clean, cost-saving energy on-site. We design renewable energy systems to support our clients’ goals, providing a strong return on investment.

Solar Panels and Photovoltaic Systems

A photovoltaic system captures the sun’s energy and converts it into electricity. Solar panels are an increasingly affordable, highly reliable clean energy technology that can be used in an off-grid or grid-tied system.

Solar Hot Water and Solar Thermal Systems

A solar thermal system captures heat from the sun and uses it to provide your hot water. Solar thermal energy can also be used for radiant floor heating, space heating, swimming pools, and hot tubs. A solar thermal system is one of the least expensive renewable energy options available for households or businesses that use a lot of hot water.

Radiant Floor Heating

You can save energy and increase your comfort at the same time with radiant floor heating. It’s an efficient form of heating—and it saves even more energy when powered by a solar thermal system. Radiant floors keep the heat in the lower part of the room, instead of near the ceiling. Radiant floor heat is also noiseless with no visible equipment.

Wind Power

If you’re located in an area with abundant wind resources, wind power may be an attractive and cost-effective renewable energy option. A small wind turbine can capture energy from the blowing wind, generating electricity for your home, school, or business.

Micro Hydroelectric

If you have access to a stream or river, a micro hydro system can capture energy from the flowing water, using it to rotate turbines and generate electricity.Sundance can work with you to create an environmentally sensitive micro hydro project that works for your unique site and your energy needs.

Service and Maintenance

We offer routine maintenance and repairs when needed to ensure that your system is performing optimally, so you realize the full energy savings. For solar electric, solar hot water, and radiant floor heating systems, we offer annual maintenance agreements with discounted rates.