North Carolina Incentives for Solar Energy

Renewable Energy Policy in North Carolina

North Carolina is  a leading state for solar energy, ranking second in the nation for installed solar electric capacity in recent years, greatly due to a strong state tax credit, along with the adoption of a Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard in 2007. Residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar projects were accelerated, contributing to a strong clean energy economy in the state. Unfortunately, the General Assembly allowed this tax credit to expire at end of 2015, and it is currently not available.

With the price of solar energy becoming competitive with other energy sources, they industry continues to grow in NC. In changing political and energy landscapes, new opportunities are always possible, and we will update this information to include any incentives that are made available for clean energy projects when they are announced.

While North Carolina state incentives are currently minimal, many federal incentives are available to support residential and commercial solar energy projects.

Duke Energy’s NC Solar Rebate Program

There is good news for Duke Energy customers in North Carolina. On January 22, 2018, Duke Energy announced long-awaited details of its much anticipated solar rebate program. Duke expects the $62 million rebate program to increase North Carolina’s private solar market by 200 percent over the next five years, with savings potential of up to $6,000 for a residential installation, $50,000 for commercial investments, and $75,000 for nonprofit projects.

Learn more about the program here: