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Solar panels by REC
Solar panels by REC

Let’s talk about REC solar panels, Sundance Power System’s standard module offering, which was just named as one of Clean Energy Review’s “Best Solar Panels of 2018.”  REC’s goal is for their product to remain strong and perform efficiently even in the most extreme weather, which is why every REC panel must pass a detailed inspection before leaving the production facility.  REC’s internal testing is up to 3 times as stringent as industry standards, including  Potential Induced Degradation Tests that involve measuring the loss of power capacity caused by heat, humidity and voltage, Damp Heat Tests which use high temperatures and increased humidity to inspect module construction, and Dynamic Mechanical Load Tests to stimulate the load effect of wind and snow to measure the module’s resilience to degradation, and Thermal Cycling Tests in which temperature fluctuations are measured.

According to REC, the company has one of the lowest warranty claims in the industry because of their testing process.

REC TwinPeak are some of the first panels available that use the half size cells/split module format, which has created a panel that is much more efficient, even when partially shaded.  Even with this advanced design, REC remains one of the more cost- effective modules on the market.

Since 1996, REC has been an industry leader in solar energy solutions and has produced more than 20 million panels, amounting to more than 5 gigawatts of clean sun-powered energy.  More than 12 million people are powered by REC solar panels.  Founded in Norway and manufactured in Singapore, REC employs more than 2,000 people worldwide in the United States, Australia and Asia, and is Europe’s largest producer of Solar Panels.

REC Group received the prestigious Solar + Power Award for TwinPeak 2 in 2017 and the 2015 Intersolar Award in the category of Photovoltaics for the TwinPeak modules.

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