School, College, and University Solar and Wind Projects

Installing renewable energy systems at educational institutions serves the dual purpose of saving the school, college, or university significant money  while providing as a valuable learning tool. We are proud to partner with many schools, colleges, and university, modeling creative problem solving and a positive vision of the future for their students. You can search our portfolio by project type, including solar hot water, solar electric, and wind energy.

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Public and Private K-12 Schools

At two LEED certified schools in Henderson County, NC, we installed solar thermal systems that demonstrate real world solutions and technologies to students, teachers, and the school community, while providing hot water for the cafeteria. Classes at  Asheville High School incorporate the solar electric system installed on the gym into the curriculum. We have several other k-12 projects in the making, and look forward to announcing them soon!

Colleges and Universities

Our portfolio includes projects at Clemson University, Duke University, Appalachian State University, Western Carolina University, Warren Wilson College, and Catawba College. Our projects include an innovative solar installation at  the Duke Smart House where engineering students learn about solar hot water and photovoltaics through their living interactions. Another groundbreaking project took place through Catawba College’s Green Step Initiative, a commitment to become a carbon neutral campus by 2030. This has led to the largest campus-wide project in the Southeast, totaling one megawatt of solar electric capacity and five solar hot water systems.

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