Residential Renewable Energy Projects

Empowering People with Solar is what we’re all about, and we’re proud  that we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners realize their dreams of  saving money and reducing their impact on the environment through clean energy systems in our 20+ years of service.  You can search our portfolio to find projects that match your interests, such as solar electric, solar hot water, radiant floor heat, wind energy, and micro hydro power.

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The Right Solar Home for You

We meet people where they are to design systems that achieve their goals and fit their budget. We provide renewable energy solutions for both new construction and existing home retrofits, working with both developers and homeowners. In our portfolio, you can see the full range of our home solar projects, which include:

  • Rooftop solar panel systems
  • Solar hot water systems
  • Solar-powered radiant floor heating
  • Grid-tied homes, connected to the utility’s electric grid
  • Off-grid homes, completely independent of the utility
  • Net-zero homes, producing as much electricity as they consume
  • Green building residential developments

In our portfolio, you can check out examples of our wide variety of residential projects in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Residential Wind, Micro Hydro and Wood Power

Our residential projects go beyond solar to include wind energy, micro hydro power, wood heat, and other renewable energy options for homes. We’re happy to consult with you about how to make best use of the natural energy resources where you live, whether that’s sun, wind, water, or wood. While our portfolio predominantly includes solar powered homes, you can also find examples of other alternative energy systems.

Learn about our services for residential customers.