Solar Projects for Nonprofits and Churches

Our portfolio for nonprofits and faith communities includes projects for clean energy advocates, botanical gardens, numerous churches, and more. We invite you to check them out and contact us about how we can help your community organization live out its values. You’re welcome to search our portfolio by project type, such as solar electric or solar hot water.

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Nonprofit Organizations

For nonprofit organizations committed to the good of our communities and our environment, choosing renewable energy is a way of putting their values into action. When nonprofits install solar or other renewable energy systems, they lead the way for the rest of society, demonstrate their commitment to their supporters, and ensure long-term cost savings.

Faith Communities

Churches and other faith communities have been leaders in the move to clean renewable fuels, acting on their values of creation care and care for our neighbors. Sundance has partnered with churches of all kinds to install solar energy systems as their congregations commit to efficiency and clean energy initiatives as part of their environmental stewardship.

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