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A 40 kW net-metered system powers 80% of this LEED-certified building.

As featured in our September 2018 Newsletter:

The Vision and Mission of Asheville Family Fitness  is all about positivity, resilience, & life balance, as Founder Damon Rouse explains. It is a natural extension of this vision that the space created to foster community wellness is a LEED Silver building.

Damon’s perspective of “Hey, let’s do as little harm as possible to the local and global environment that sustains us” led him to design and build an energy efficient building to house the business’s expansion in 2012. With the installation of a 40 kW solar electric system on the facility’s roof this month, he and the staff are excited to celebrate and share their story.

“I have always been a proponent of green energy and feel that it’s in the best interest, and therefore the responsibility, of every citizen, government, and nation that has the means to produce clean energy to do so as our appetite for electricity continues to grow and grow,” Damon passionately states. As 80% of the building’s electrical use is expected to be produced through solar photovoltaics, it stands to model a consciousness of environmental stewardship for the community AFF serves.

The array of 138 REC 290- watt TwinPeak2 solar panels upon the building’s bright blue roof makes a strong statement for a clean energy paradigm. People coming for fitness training, physical therapy, aquatics or other wellness therapies at Asheville Family Fitness will all see that solar energy is a viable energy solution, as will those bypassing the prominent location on Leicester Highway. With a standing seam metal roof at 26 degrees South, the building was prime for solar. Our design team specified IronRidge’s  XR10 racking and mounting solutions for a neat flush layout. As this is a net-metered system, Outback ProHarvest 208 V Inverters were chosen, along with Outback’s Communication Gateway for system monitoring and control via Ethernet.

With an estimated annual production of over 57 megawatt hours of electricity per year, the carbon offset is the equivalent of planting 19.2 acres of trees. This impressive figure upholds the “greenness” of the decision to go solar, but the financial return is also very promising. Asheville Family Fitness took advantage of Duke Energy’s  Solar Rebate Program. With this incentive of 50 cents per watt for commercial systems, along with the Federal Investment Tax Credit for Solar of 30%, the system offers a solid investment, with an estimated total lifecycle payback over 25 years of 4.8 times!

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