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The Energy Current from our June newsletter addresses such an important topic that I’m blogging more about fracking here too.  As the North Carolina Fracking Bill is being debated, it is up to us to be informed. We found the primer from the website of the Southern Environmental Law Center to be especially informative. They have filed a case on behalf of the estimated 2.4 million people that will be impacted through the compromised water supply if fracking is allowed.

Utilities in North Carolina have publicly stated that developing natural gas energy infrastructure as coal burning power plants are phased out will be one of the cheapest ways to meet our energy demands. I think most citizens of NC would agree that drinkable water is priceless, and their equations obviously do not factor in this “externality.”

Last week, the Fracking Bill passed, and there was a strong grassroots response calling for Governor Perdue to veto. As of this moment, I have not heard the outcome, and I am trying to be hopeful that somehow our society will find the courage to undertake a major paradigm shift towards sustainability.  I would regret the day when the next generation asks “What the Frack were they thinking???”

We’ll keep you updated on the outcome… meanwhile; keep on the sunny side!

Sundance Power team celebrates solar
Sundance Power team celebrates solar

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