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In celebration of the  $6.4 billion in revenue and approximately 34,294 full time jobs credited to NC’s clean energy economy in 2016, The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) released this video.  We’re proud that they shot live footage of one of our recent solar installations for use in this production, and that the clip of Governor Roy Cooper with the solar backdrop shows our work as well (taken at SACE’S office during the campaign.)

The impressive figures highlighted in the video are drawn from the NC Sustainable Energy Association‘s (NCSEA)  annual Clean Energy Industry Census, a report that has been hugely instrumental in demonstrating the impact of the industry in the state since the first report in 2008.

While the 2016 Census reflects that the industry is a major economic driver for the state with 31% employment growth over 2015, it acknowledges that political and regulatory uncertainty present challenges to some clean energy sectors. “Challenges face all businesses, but to continue growing, the clean energy industry will need to remain adaptable. Similarly, state clean energy policy and utility business models must also continue to adapt to shifting market and technology dynamics. Market conditions will almost certainly change in coming years but technologies that are both cost competitive and effective will still see the highest demand and continue to thrive.”

Our gratitude goes to both SACE and NCSEA for their tireless work for clean energy policy so that we can do ours, rising to the challenge of continuing to bring the best technology to our customers cost-effectively.

Watch SACE’s youtube video here.

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