NC Solar Rebate Attracts Out-of-State Companies with Questionable Business Practices

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

By Erika Schneider, Director of Communications

For Immediate Release:

NC Solar Rebate Attracts Out-of-State Companies with Questionable Business Practices

Sundance Power Systems warns of falsehoods being made by Brio Energy

 Asheville, NC – Sundance Power Systems, a long- standing renewable energy company based in Weaverville, is making a public statement in response to numerous accounts of misleading information that it has heard from consumers and others. They’ve heard  that Brio Energy has been telling people that they are working with Sundance for their installations. The Utah- based company has been canvassing neighborhoods since the introduction of Duke Energy’s Solar Rebate Program in North Carolina.  In addition, based upon current law, it is very possible that the company is acting outside of the legal requirements to sell solar in NC.

While there are several points of contention to be made, Sundance Power Systems primarily wants it to be known that it has not contracted to install systems for Brio Energy, nor is it engaged in any form of partnership with the company.  Additionally, Sundance intends to caution consumers about contracting with the company without doing their due diligence.

After receiving numerous complaints about the questionable sales approach used by Brio Energy over the past months and discerning an appropriate course of action, Sundance’s concerns were substantiated when it was discovered  that the City of Austin had ordered a “cease and desist mentioning” against Brio Energy in 2016 (Texas Utility Warns Customers About Recent Solar Scams) for parallel reasons. Furthermore, multiple online reviews by consumers, as well as former employees of Brio, warn against some of their practices, including lack of full disclosure around financing, rebates, and tax incentives.

The North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association, of which Sundance Power Systems has been an active member for years, is in the process of finalizing a Code of Conduct for the industry to address multiple complaints about solar companies that are operating in a manner that falls short of the “ethical standards of advertising, selling, installation, and serviced guided by the principles of honesty and integrity” that the organization upholds for its members. The draft code calls for members to “always act in full compliance with federal, state, and local laws regarding truth in advertising, consumer protection, contract law, and other relevant regulations” in promotion of “the public health, safety, and welfare, and the advancement of the clean energy industry.”

“Sundance Power Systems, along with several other local solar energy providers, have worked too hard to establish a strong, credible solar industry that serves the interests of the WNC community to witness this potentially damaging behavior,” stated Erika Schneider, Director of Communications for the company. “We are speaking out to protect consumers from potentially fraudulent activity, as well as the solid reputation that Sundance has built over its 23 years of operations. And, we are addressing this situation to prevent solar getting a bad name due to unscrupulous activity.”

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