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The Sierra Club has been drawing attention to the critical issue of how NC will develop its Clean Power Plan according to recent EPA rulings. We credit them for the following informative update:

Later this summer, the EPA will release its first-ever limits on carbon pollution from power plants. This is a big deal as well as a big opportunity. States will now have the chance to create their own plans to meet the requirements of the Clean Power Pan with clean energy solutions that will protect health and support local economies.

Unfortunately, instead of seizing on this opportunity to help North Carolinians forge our own path to a clean energy future, Governor McCrory is continuing to sit on the sidelines – or sometimes even cheerleading for the opposing team – denying that we need to act at all.

On July 21, thousands from across the state are going to put pressure on the governor from all sides. We will place hundreds of calls into the governor’s office and thousands more will raise our voices of support on social media to urge him to begin a state stakeholder process for the Clean Power Plan.

Tell Governor McCrory it’s time to start developing a climate plan that works for all North Carolinians. Send him a message now.

The solutions are at hand: North Carolina has been a powerhouse in developing clean energy for decades. Our solar leadership has been key in attracting hi tech employers like Google and we’ve just broken ground on our first wind farm. North Carolina is uniquely poised to be a leader on clean energy. By starting a stakeholder process now, Governor McCrory can make sure we reduce pollution and build clean energy in the most impactful way.

You can click this link to send McCrory a message  Together we can keep North Carolina moving forward in a clean and sustainable way.

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