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 “It feels great to be able to produce more energy than we consume.” This powerful statement, made by Marcus Suess, President of All States Medical Supply stands to demonstrate the viability of on-site solar energy systems. While more and more businesses are investing in solar energy, All States is one of the first in the region, if not the first, to install an on-site solar electric system that will generate all of the electricity used in their facility, making them net- zero consumers.

A 104 kW photovoltaic array on their facility just outside of Asheville, NC covers much of their roof on their buildings just outside of Asheville, NC. It is grid- tied with Duke Energy through a “Buy All, Sell All” metering agreement. Advanced monitoring allows the system’s performance to be quantified, and is actually showing that its production is exceeding original generation expectations. The motivation for going solar at All States came primarily from an effort to be more sustainable, but as Marcuss stated ”Not only does the environment benefit, but lowering our company expenses gives us another competitive advantage to keep us ahead of the game.”

On April 24 we will be joining All States in a celebration of this achievement. “Health Care Goes Solar” is being hosted as an opportunity to demonstrate the viability of solar energy to the interested public, and is open to all. For complete details, click to the  Health Care Goes Solar” Invite. We hope to see you there!

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