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How exciting it was  to see the solar energy systems we installed for Gerry Wood Auto Group featured in NCSEA’s ” The Story of Clean Energy in NC” series.
Gerry is a real leader and deserves the  recognition he recently received from the Conservatives for Clean Energy, who honored him with the “Small Business Clean Energy Champion Award.”

See the whole feature, including a video in which Gerry tells about why he invested in solar energy,  by clicking here, or read a snippet below.



For Gerry Wood, clean energy makes good business sense. As the owner of three car dealerships, making good investments with his money is imperative. Therefore, in 2013, Gerry installed solar panels at each of this three dealerships to offset his $120,000 annual electricity bill. He is now saving over $35,000 per year and anticipates paying off the solar installations in four years.

Gerry’s decision to adopt solar energy stemmed from his desire to save money and to reduce the dealerships’ dependence on the utility. While those were primary reasons, Gerry also praises his installer, Sundance Power Systems and the terrific quality of his American manufactured panels.

With a total capacity of over 322.5 kW, Gerry’s Auto Group produces more solar power than any other car dealership in North Carolina. Gerry loves showcasing the power his panels produce and in fact, he has installed TV monitors in each waiting room of his dealerships. These monitors allow him to display his solar power in unique metrics, such as gallons of gasoline offset, the number of smartphones charged, or the number of nights powering the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center.

Gerry’s commitment to clean energy was recently recognized by Conservatives for Clean Energy, honoring him with the “Small Business Clean Energy Champion Award.” Gerry has a lot to be proud of and he hopes his investments in clean energy will inspire others to do the same.

You can track the power from Gerry Wood’s solar panels here.


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