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We are excited to see that Clemson was one of 20 Universities throughout the nation to be chosen to participate in the Solar Decathlon, a biannual competition hosted by the Department of Energy. It challenges students to build and operate solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and attractive. The decathlon judging includes 10 categories – architecture, market appeal, engineering, communication, affordability, comfort zone, appliances, home life, commuting and energy balance.

Clemson’s project, which they’ve named “Indigo Pine” involves about 150 students working towards the mission “to collaborate on the design, construction, and promotion of a prototypical, three bedroom, 1000 sq ft, low environmental impact, net-zero, solar house that is cost-effective in today’s market and comfortable under South Carolina’s climate.” An impressive website dedicated to the project describes their plans and unique solutions to the competitive challenge.

Sundance Power Systems is proud to have installed the first solar energy system at Clemson University. A 14.95 kilowatt grid-tied solar electric system has graced the roofline of Clemson’s Fluor-Daniel Engineering Innovation Building since 2007, inspiring countless students over the years. (View our project profile- Clemson University Solar System.)

Today, SC is a hot state for solar energy, supported by a state and federal tax credit, along with Utility incentive programs. This project undoubtedly will bring an increased awareness of the potential of solar energy for homes and businesses throughout the state, and we wish the Clemson Solar Decathlon team the best as they tackle the solar challenge and demonstrate innovation and smart technology to the greater community.

For more information on solar energy in SC, check out Powering SC with Solar Energy on our website.

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