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On this beautiful afternoon, I’d like to share an update on how news-making global influences in this rapidly growing industry have impacted our business, and our customers, here in NC.

You’ve probably heard the recent news that the Commerce Department imposed tariffs against Chinese manufacturers of solar modules. We have been watching this carefully to see how it might impact our product costs, even though our primary manufacturers are not directly under this tariff as non-Chinese companies. It appears that the impact of the tariffs on solar project costs will be small, as reported in Renewable Energy World. That’s good news if you are considering a solar electric installation for your home or business.

While there are many other factors that come into play with a solar investment, and they are all moving targets these days, we are confident in relaying to you that this is a very promising time to consider moving forward while product cost is at an all-time low, tax incentives are in place, and the sun is shining on your rooftop!

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