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We are excited to share this blog BUILD-A-BREWERY: COLD BEER, WARM FEET that featured our radiant floor installation in the liquid center at New Belgium’s new brewery being constructed in Asheville.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

This month we poured the concrete floors in the Asheville Liquid Center, and while it may look like any concrete floor, embedded in it is approximately 4,000 feet of ½ inch PEX tubing, installed by Asheville-based renewable energy company Sundance Power Systems.

Laid out in carefully calculated looping pathways to ensure even heat distribution, this network of tubing is part of a hydronic radiant floor heating system. Come late fall and cooler temperatures, hot water will be pumped and circulated through this tubing, and the floor will essentially become one large radiator, warming the surface of objects in the space as well as the air itself. This even heat provides great comfort, but radiant floor heating is a highly efficient way to heat a building as well. Most people feel comfortable at room temperatures 3 to 5 degrees cooler than in rooms heated by forced air systems, resulting in less fuel use. It’s also quiet and clean as there’s no forced air blowing dust, dander and other unknowns about.

We’re all about producing world-class beer, while proving business can be a force for good. Partners like Sundance Power Systems help us do that by helping us implement continuous, innovative quality and efficiency improvements. Thanks Sundance! Cheers to warm feet and cold beers!

Build-a-Brewery: We have partnered with some amazing folks in the process of building our brewery, liquid center and distribution center here in Asheville, NC. Let us tell you about how they are helping us get our east coast home up and running.

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