Why Sundance?

We take great pride in designing and installing systems that are reliable and user-friendly, providing our clients with decades of trouble-free Renewable Energy.”

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Sundance has been in business for over 20 years. Whether it’s solar electric, wind power, micro hydro, solar hot water, or radiant floor heating, Sundance people have the experience to ensure each design is SOUND and every installation is SOLID.


We provide more than just Renewable Energy systems – we address energy solutions. Whatever our client’s objectives– to ensure a hedge against escalating utility rates; to gain a measure of independence from the utility grid; to reduce greenhouse gas emissions– we collaborate with each client to craft the solution that best meets his/or her objectives.



Our People are among the best-trained Renewable Energy professionals in the business. As a team, we bring knowledge, experience and our values to every renewable energy project we undertake. Our first task is to listen, so that we can be responsive to our clients needs, answering questions in plain language. We are committed to solving our client’s energy needs, and to the on-time, on-budget implementation of every renewable energy solution.

Core Values

A deep sense of commitment to core values and principles is central to Sundance. This guides the inner workings of our company, as well as our relationship with every client and with our planet.


We are committed to EXCELLENCE. Sundance actively promotes a spirit of continuous learning among its people. Through programs of in-house and external training, Sundance team members maintain their edge on emerging Renewable Energy Technologies, Products, and Industry Trends.

Client Satisfaction Our dynamic growth has been a remarkable story – and we owe it to our clients’ satisfaction and their enthusiastic support. The overwhelming source of Sundance’s new business has been client referrals. We intend to keep it that way.

Practical Sustainability From initial design through system commissioning, our focus is solutions that help our clients while helping our planet.

Community In the spirit of service, Sundance gives back to our community. We contribute 10% of all after tax profits to a variety of local causes. Our people are active volunteers in community-based service organizations and initiatives. We take great pride in our successes in supporting and raising public awareness, and in facilitating the shift towards Renewable Energy and sustainability.

A Holistic Approach Through a collaborative partnership with each client, Sundance takes a holistic approach in crafting energy strategies that best meet client’s needs. Then, we do the rest – from system design through installation, commissioning, and the processing of all the paperwork. Our Five-Step Design Process ensures a successful project and a satisfied client every time.