Community Benefits Program

Help us change the world one solar installation at a time

Sundance’s mission and our success as a company is built on the value of shared prosperity and empowering people, businesses and our community with the positive impacts of renewable energy.  From training hundreds of folks in the industry to engaging thousands of people in educational and outreach  programs to powering events with our solar generator, we’ve dedicated ourselves to developing the fertile ground for this technology to flourish. We are grateful for the strong network of relationships that we’ve established through our many community engagement initiatives.

It is in this spirit of giving back and enriching our community that we have developed the Community Benefit Program to address one of the main obstacles for solar adoption…the cost.

As a company, the best way we can help reduce the cost of solar is to lower the cost of acquiring new customers. These initiatives have been designed to reduce the cost of solar for the ever growing Sundance community by helping to bring down the cost of marketing. In turn, we pass these savings back to you.


Community Benefits Programs

Together we can make a difference!