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Tony Neser is the guy we get to meet this month! Tony is overseeing our South Carolina Sundancers and we are thrilled to have him on board!

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Tony grew up in a standard middle class neighborhood with parents that valued education and prioritized this for Tony. Tony was able to attend private schools for elementary education and then attended Johns Hopkins University for college. Tony has two children, a son that also works in the solar industry and a daughter that is studying to be a vet. Greenville, South Carolina is Tony’s home and he is looking forward to his fiancé, Mechele and his dog Niki joining him soon.

Tony is inspired to work in the renewable energy field by the belief that we can use technology to make a positive change and do something good for the environment. Having seen first-hand what poor environmental planning can do, Tony believes that we have the opportunity to right many years of a laissez faire attitude toward the environment.

 Let’s see what we learn with the list:

Three words that best describe you: Curious, Resourceful, Witty

Listening to: Anything from the Beatles to Classic Rock to Alternative Rock to old school Rhythm and Blues

Reading right now: An article on setting up the correct systems and environment for hiring new sales people (I know- pretty dry! LOL) and publications regarding climate change.

Favorite scent: Pine Forest

Favorite pastime or hobby: Mountain Biking

Favorite meal: Italian

Favorite word: Fantastic!

Least favorite word: Hate

Last movie: Addams Family Values

Vision for the planet: I hope that technology will allow mankind to live in harmony with nature. This is not our planet. We need to be less egotistical and be mindful that we share this planet with others that need our consideration.

Person or philosophy that you most admire: I admire people that think, that are forever looking at new ways to make things better and people that appreciate learning.

Favorite quote: Nothing to Fear but Fear itself!

Inspiration to share with others: Don’t eat yellow snow!

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