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This month’s employee spotlight shines on Mackenzie Tenan, Sundance’s Design Assistant.  Mackenzie is North Carolina born and bred, beginning in Waynesville and currently hanging again at home with family. Mackenzie grew up in a log home on a mountain in Maggie Valley, living with her parents, Alan and Rose, and her older sister, Stacey. The family eventually moved to Lake Junaluska to escape the snow. Mackenzie was a very quiet, very independent child and quite shy. Being very close to her sister and enjoying her mother’s Italian roots are fond memories for Mackenzie. Currently, Rose is enjoying retirement and Alan continues to enjoy running his business Forest Millwork here in Asheville.

Mackenzie began her college years at UNC in Wilmington but wound up transferring to Appalachian State and getting interested in the renewable energy program. She traces her inspiration for working in the field of renewable energy back to childhood, remembering “growing up I was always inspired to be environmentally conscious because I would try and get people to recycle when they didn’t want to and I didn’t mind cleaning up trash outside when it didn’t need to be there. Now it’s just really inspiring to be part of a field that has grown so rapidly and to be able to talk about it to people that haven’t heard much about it. It’s just fulfilling to be a part of a different movement. My eventual goal would be to use my knowledge to design systems that can reach out to impoverished areas.”

Able to put her renewable energy program education to work in the field, Mackenzie started as a Field Technician and is now working as the Design Assistant. Her vision for the planet includes a desire to see people become more aware of issues around the world and, with that awareness, also be aware of differences in backgrounds and beliefs. As she says, “for everybody to get along and be more accepting! And of course, more renewable energy.”

On to the list…….

3 words that best describe you: Adventurous, Dependable, Big-hearted.

Listening to: Alabama Shakes, always! Looking forward to their upcoming concert.

Reading: The first Lord of the Rings book, slow going.

Favorite scent: Fresh cotton/ laundry.

Favorite pastime/ hobby: Anything outside like hiking or camping, We live in such a beautiful place. Playing board games, card games, Settlers of Catan game and game nights.

Favorite meal: Any Italian meal cooked by Mom, especially lasagna or stuffed shells.

Favorite word: No favorite, but bicicleta (bicycle in Spanish) is fun to say.

Least favorite word: Literally- it has become overused and is often redundant.

Last movie: Fast & Furious – the sixth one. Ridiculous stunts but entertaining.

Person or philosophy most admired: “The golden rule” is a pretty good one. Classic and can always apply.

Favorite quote: “Bears. Beets.Battlestar Galactica.” – Jim Halpert (from the TV show The Office)

Inspiration to share: I don’t know if it’s that inspiring, but I’ve come to find out that everything works itself out in the end. Opportunities will come up when they are meant to and if certain things don’t happen, then that’s what is supposed to happen. There has been plenty of stuff that I wished had happened and later realized there were better things to wait for. I always had heard this, but now I have experienced it and believe it.

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