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Renewable Energy (RE) offers significant benefits to your business and to your community.

Support and confidence in developing RE projects
From financial and operational gains, to environmental and competitive benefits, Renewable Energy is a wise investment. Sundance Power’s Commercial division was created to offer our business clients support and confidence in developing Renewable Energy strategies and projects that provide a hedge against escalating energy costs and help lower the environmental impact of doing business.

There’s no better investment under the Sun.
The business models, business processes, and facilities for most companies were designed long before escalating energy costs and global warming became major issues. A shift to Renewable Energy systems will protect your business against the impacts of dwindling fossil-fuel reserves and lessen your contribution to climate change. Discover how you can protect your bottom line and grow your business in a changing energy world.

End to end solutions…
Whatever your line of business or its size, Sundance offers a comprehensive suite of products and services to help your business develop and execute a renewable energy and sustainability strategy. 
We offer end-to-end solutions that include:

In concert with our Partner Network Sundance offers an array of energy-related services, including:

  • energy strategy development
  • energy efficiency solutions
  • green building design
  • sustainable planning
  • commercial and industrial site planning.

If you are an investor considering an investment in a utility-scale solar or wind power project, Sundance can help you evaluate its production potential, maximize your return, and minimize your risks. Call Sundance at 828-645-2080 for more information.

Working with Sundance

Getting Started
To get started, call us or submit a Contact Request and we will contact you promptly.

Working with Sundance
Our many years in the business have enabled us to streamline our process, so that from start to finish, working with Sundance is both easy and productive. We place a high value on developing great working relationships. Whether you are looking for a residential system or a utility scale installation, working with Sundance will ensure the success of your project.

Five-step Design Process
Our experience has proven that great designs come from great collaboration. We partner with each client to jointly craft the very best renewable energy solution. Weve developed and employ a five step design process in working with our customers to guide us in designing the system that is right for your needs and budget.

The design of your renewable energy system must reflect your energy objectives. It must take into account not only todays environmental and energy landscape, but also the trends and forecasts of the future. For commercial and industrial clients, the design must respond to economic and energy objectives of business today, and incorporate its ambitions for tomorrow. A good system design is the tangible evidence of a sound and well-informed energy strategy one tailored to the unique needs of the homeowner or enterprise for which it was crafted.


A Renewable Energy (RE) system can deliver solid financial, operational, environmental and competitive benefits to your business.

Financial Benefits

RE provides a hedge against escalating energy prices.
The costs of fuels purchased by energy utilities to generate power have risen sharply in recent years. These costs are passed on to customers in the form of higher rates and there is no evidence to suggest that this trend in fuel cost escalation will change. A Renewable Energy system can provide a hedge against cost increases by creating monthly offsets to your utility costs. As rates rise, so will the value of the energy your system produces. Over the life of your Renewable Energy system, its production value will appreciate while the cost of your fuel remains constant – zero.

Generous state and federal financial incentives…
A significant portion of your upfront Renewable Energy system cost can be underwritten by current state and federal tax incentives. See our Incentives page for incentives available within Sundance’s 5-State service region. For more information on federal and state Renewable Energy incentives, and for incentives available in all 50 states, visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) website, maintained by NC State University.These incentives can rapidly accelerate system payback and years-to-positive cash flow, and will dramatically impact your return-on-investment. The tax credits can be taken against corporate income tax, franchise tax, or if your business is an insurance company, against the gross premiums tax.

Sell your energy production to your utility…
Regulations in most states enable you to sell all of the electricity your business produces from Renewable Energy to your local utility company. The sale of electricity is just one of the ways in which you can enhance your Renewable Energy system’s return-on-investment.

RE Systems produce more than just Energy.
Every kilowatt-hour your system generates also produces a Renewable Energy Credit, or ‘REC’ – an attribute of your energy that declares that it has been produced without generating any greenhouse gases – it is clean energy. Like ‘carbon credits’, RECs have commercial value in the marketplace. As Federal and State Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards (REPS) and carbon tax legislation have been enacted, the demand for RECS has grown. As a clean energy producer, you can sell your RECs to the highest bidder. Sundance will assist you in identifying the best REC price and purchasing partner, and will prepare and file the paperwork necessary to sell your credits.

Local RE keeps your energy dollars in the region.
Business dollars that are used to pay utility bills are in turn used to pay suppliers for power plant fuel – coal, natural gas, oil or uranium – none of whom are based in our region. Spot electricity purchases to meet periods of very high demand are also being sent to out-of-state utilities that have the spare generating capacity. Dollars sent out of the region are dollars that are not re-circulated into your local economy where your business can benefit from them.

Clean RE protects our tourism dollars.
We are blessed with spectacular natural beauty that draws countless visitors to our region where they patronize our hotels, our restaurants, and our retail establishments and parks. Every single kilowatt-hour of clean, renewable energy generated helps to keep our air clean, it protects our water and natural resources, and can perpetuate the substantial flow of tourism dollars into our regional economy.Even if your business does not cater directly to the tourism industry, money they spend in our regional economy circulates locally, and eventually benefits your customers, and ultimately, your own business.

Operational Benefits

RE Systems are reliable.
The components that comprise a renewable energy system enjoy remarkable reliability. Solar photovoltaic panels were originally designed to power satellites in space where the need for reliability is absolute. They can last 40 years and longer with little or no maintenance. Solar thermal collectors, like their photovoltaic counterparts, have no moving parts and they offer a long, silent, and trouble-free service life. Wind and water turbines – recently updated with newer technology – have an enviable record of reliability as well.When engineered into a well-designed and installed system, renewable energy technology can deliver reliable service and free, clean, energy to your business for decades.

RE Systems are scalable.
Renewable Energy Systems can grow with your business and with changes in the rates charged by your utility company.Solar electric and solar thermal systems are designed using modular components that scale easily. As your business grows and your energy production objectives change, you can upgrade your system to keep pace. As utility rates escalate, you can simply add more generation capacity.

Environmental Benefits

Make a positive impact.
Energy you produce yourself is energy that does not have to be generated through the combustion of coal, oil, or natural gas. It does not release greenhouse gases, or produce radioactive byproducts, or contribute to global warming.Even a small renewable energy system can have a significant impact on the environment. Every one-kilowatt system installed will keep nearly half a ton of greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere each year. A 10-kW Solar Electric (PV) system annually will eliminate 25,000 pounds of air and ground pollution, and will conserve the 15,000 gallons of fresh water needed to produce the same power using fossil-fuels. Over its conservatively rated 30-year lifetime, a 10-kW system solar electric system will eliminate an astounding 750,000 pounds of pollution and conserve 450,000 gallons of water. That’s 7.2 million glasses of water.Renewable energy systems are also sustainable – they will produce significantly more energy in their lifetimes than was consumed in their manufacture and distribution.

Stave off the construction of new fossil-fuel power plants.
Everybody wants a reliable supply of affordable energy – few people would enthusiastically welcome a fossil-fueled power plant into their community. Yet all forecasts of population growth for our region suggest that without taking preventive measures, this unpleasant decision will become increasingly difficult to avoid as a growing population-base drives energy demand to ever higher levels.Every kilowatt-hour of renewable energy production, especially during times of peak energy demand, can reduce the need to build additional fossil-fuel based generation capacity in our region.

Competitive Benefits

A competitive advantage…
Escalating energy prices and global warming have the potential to be highly disruptive to our society and to our economy. For businesses that depend on reliable, inexpensive energy to remain profitable, the disruptive impact can be significant.In many ways though, the history of business is a history of disruptive events. Businesses that can take advantage of the opportunities that arise when disruptive events unfold maintain a cutting edge. Businesses that successfully weather change act preemptively and decisively, ahead of their competitors.Investing in renewable energy today is the equivalent of pre-purchasing the next 25 to 40 years of your company’s energy at today’s fixed-cost. State and Federal incentives make a significant contribution in underwriting that cost. Federal 5-year accelerated depreciation improves the investment profile even more. The return-on-investment grows with each hike in utility rates and can provide your company a hedge that your competitors will not have.

Sends a message to your customers…
A Renewable Energy system provides sustained brand value through a visible demonstration of your company’s concern for the environment and for our society’s energy security. As both issues continue to dominate the headlines, a growing number of consumers are basing their buying decisions on the environmental responsibility of the vendor.Someday, all businesses will be forced to become green, but those companies who act early will enjoy years of powerful brand differentiation. “Initial press releases announcing the completion of a solar system commonly receive 6 to 10 placements in local and sometimes even national media.”(Source: BP Solar)


A comprehensive suite of services for retrofits to existing commercial operations:

  • Energy Strategy Design
  • Site Assessment
  • System planning and design
  • Financial analyses and pro formas
  • Projected system performance analyses
  • System installation and commissioning
  • Renewable energy consulting services
  • System maintenance and priority-service contracts

For new commercial or industrial campus-wide RE systems:

  • Site assessment + facilities siting
  • Architectural design review
  • Energy needs analysis

Through our partner network, we offers end-to-end green campus development including:

  • Green building design and specifications
  • Energy efficient office design
  • Daylighting and passive solar heat
  • Intelligent building control
  • Renewable energy system design, integration and installation
  • Centralized system monitoring and tracking
  • Green landscaping
  • System maintenance

For utility-scale RE systems/park investment planning:

  • Site scouting and assessment (solar & wind farm)
  • Wind data measurement and analyses (wind)
  • Turbine sizing and siting (wind)
  • Solar insulation data measurement and analyses (solar)
  • Energy production projections and analyses
  • Financial and risk analyses
  • System installation and commissioning
  • Remote performance tracking and metrics
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