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Solarize Asheville Update!

Friday, October 11th was the deadline to enroll in Solarize Asheville, and when we came in on the following Monday morning we were eager to see what the final count was. Wish we would have held a company-wide guessing contest, but we didn’t. However, I’ll venture that not many of us would have guessed a whopping 367!
Yes, Solarize Asheville has been received with much enthusiasm, but that shouldn’t really be that much of a surprise. This is a great community, we know that, and the program offers an incredible opportunity for homeowners to go solar with its community pricing, streamlined process, and vetted installers (us!)
As you might imagine, this response has kept us busy, and our Customer Service (Extraordinaire, I might ad) person, Sera Turner, has been working hard to respond to everyone in a timely manner. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work to serve your interests. There are still many that we are working to connect with, and site visits are currently being scheduled into November, and are expected to go well into December.  As of this time, 11 Solarize projects have been contracted, putting us into the Tier 2 pricing, and we anticipate reaching Tier 5 (the largest group purchasing discount available) by the end of the program.
As to “what’s next?” beyond this pilot program, we’ll be meeting with Katie Bray, Solarize Program Director, later this week to discuss that. There will be a community Solarize celebration to be sure, and we’ll announce details as they are confirmed. Meanwhile, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to call. Keep on the Solarize side Asheville!

The path to energy shift in our nation and PACE 2-3-2012

It’s commonly acknowledged that one of the main obstacles to residential solar installations is having the upfront money available to move forward with an installation. Even with the promise of lucrative tax credits, and knowing that the system will save a great amount of money over its lifetime, many homeowners simply don’t have the extra financial resources (ie, cash!) sitting around.  Creative finance programs are needed if the solar industry is going to be able to make its full impact through job creation, energy savings, and carbon dioxide reduction.

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